Solving complicated problems and providing the best repair solution is what we do best. At Road Wrench, we are determined on getting to the root of a motor issue or Software glitch. Customers have come to know us for being reliable, fast, and efficient. Rarely do we come across a motor problem we are unable to solve.

From Trucks grades 6-8 all coach including RV's, Fords Power stroke, other diesel pickup's, Tractor, Excavator, skid steer and other off road equipment, we do it all and we do it well. Diagnostic services and assessments are always free with repairs.

Computerize Diagnostic

• DTC retrieval & repair

• Preventative Maintenance

• Pre DOT Inspections

• Hydraulic Repair    

DPF/DEF Regeneration

• Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

• DPF Delete Assemble & install

• DPF System Replacement

•Forced Regen on DEF/DPF system

Emergency Roadside service

• Prompt Roadside Service

• Mobile Garage Service

• Jump Start/Fuel Delivery

• Auto Welding Repairs

Fleet Service

Having the right technical support team around the clock is what you need to resolve mechanical issues. Road Wrench provides schedule preventative maintenance and thorough gradual over the road multi-point inspections to reduce down time, revenue loss and expensive tows, while improve customer satisfaction which increases growth.

Whether you are a Single operator or fleet, we are capable of repairing whatever is amiss. Always running a thorough diagnostic analysis, we pinpoint the issue and correct the problem. From replacing faulty equipment and broken parts to reprogramming ECM's and other modules, our repairs are fast and effective.

Computerized Diagnosing